Publishers are incredibly smart at attracting and entertaining visitors, now there’s finally an ad format that’s equally as intelligent.
— Bronson Taylor

Maximize Profits with a New Premium Ad Placement

Our ad space is optimized for both desktop and mobile on any page or your site, to get you the most impressions at the highest price. Because our ads provide advertisers highly visible and interactive placements on your site, they will pay you a premium on the inventory. 


No Need to Change Existing Ad Network Deals

Keep all your existing ad space and revenue untouched. Our proprietary placement allows you to add new revenue without affecting any current ad network deals you have. On desktop the ad will appear as an icon on the bottom right, and on desktop at the base of the screen. We get the impression while keeping the user visitor experience amazing, having the ad icon disappear upon scroll if not clicked. 

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Quality Chatbot Ad Experience for Your Visitors

Instead of interruptive advertising (banners), provide your visitors with interactive advertising. Chatbots can provide a unique, informative, even LOL experience. We let you maximize earnings on impressions while keeping your visitor experience amazing, having the ad icon disappear upon scroll if not clicked. 


High Quality Ads You’re In Control Of

We have a strict policy on who is accepted into our advertising network. We work one-on-one with all advertisers to create an amazing chatbot experience from the ground up. It’s not simply “approve” or “deny” in our network. We ensure they are high quality and relevant for your audience. We also put you in control, block an ads you don’t like. 


Apply to the Konvert Ad Network

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